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Welcome to the Flexwork Fam!

Hello All! Cheers to the start of hopefully something big. A platform for helping everyone to level up every day.

A little bit about myself the author. My name is Javon Thorpe. I have been involved in the fitness industry for about 10 years now. (geez its been that long).

My journey started as a wee little lad about 13 years old. I remember waking up early summer mornings to shadow my big brother down at the football weight room. I felt like a mortal among gods. Seeing the raw grind that they had with a former professional NFL player as their coach gave me that fire. But.... I was a little twig and i mean little. I remember living in the projects with my grandmother attempting pullups on her sun powered clothes dryer getting slapped for f**ng up the sheets. From there ive spent countless hours playing sports and developing myself in the gym and life, to now owning my own fitness studio.

Tips for starting a fitness lifestyle

1. Play the long game.

This virtue was a game changer for me. You might of heard the saying "Rome wasn't built in a day", and neither will your body be. Focusing on short term massive gains will lead to frustration and anguish. Channel your efforts into small actionable steps and they will compound into big changes.

2. Comparison is the Thief of Joy.

We are all unique. Thus, you should not expect yourself to look like your favorite influencer, model, celebrity, etc. Although that can be a great example of what to shoot for, you need to realize that these people have probably been building their bodies up for years if not decades. Learn to enjoy the process and celebrate your own progressions.

3. Don't Take Yourself Too Serious.

While yeah adopting a fitness lifestyle can lead to serious benefits to your physical, social, and emotional health. Remember that we are ultimately doing this to lead a more fulfilled life. Have fun with it!!!

Lets do this!

The best time to start is now so lets get going and again. Welcome to the Flexwork Fam💪

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