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Top 10 Fitness Myths That Just Wont Die

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

While we have made huge strides in the world of health and fitness, these myths below just keep clinging around.

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1. Spot Reduction - You can target where you lose fat

Doing 4 billion crunches wont eradicate your fat in your midsection. Our bodies will preferentially pull where it deems. Although as you lose fat overall you will start to see losses in the areas you are wanting

2. Cardio is the best for fat-loss

While Cardio is amazing for burning calories, it is not the superior way to lose fat. At least when used exclusively. The best approach would be to use resistance training as the staple of the program and cardio would be the icing on the cake.

3. Weightlifting makes you bulky

Weightlifting is incredible for muscle growth. The notion that you will just get massive out of no where is crazy. The people you see who are hulking freak beasts have dedicated countless hours, dollars, and most cases drugs to achieve that massive look. Weightlifting will give you a nice athletic look so don't avoid it.

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4. Sweating more = more fat burning.

While a good workout will cause you to work up a nice sweat, that doesn't correlate with more fat loss. In fact, fat is primarily excreted through the body as carbon dioxide through the lungs. Wearing that sauna suit wont lead to more fat-loss but really just dehydrates you more.

5. Longer workouts equal more progress

Intensity is key not duration. Don't feel like you need to grind for hours in the gym to get results. If you structure your workouts efficiently enough you can get great results in little time spent each day.

6. Muscle turns into fat when you stop exercising

Muscle and Fat are completely different compounds. The body cant just "turn" muscle into fat. Chances are that if you do stop exercising for an extended amount of time that you will probably gain some fat back. This will have to do with the tendency to become lenient on the diet as your training falters.

7. You Need Supplements.

Supplements are 100% not a necessity. Unfortunately supplement companies dish millions if not billions every year into advertising the need for supplements. In fact most supplements you find in GNC either don't produce the results they suggest or grossly over estimate the actual benefits.

While there are amazing compounds like creatine, caffeine, etc; your focus should be on the foundations of good nutrition. Like the name says they are meant to "Supplement" a good diet.

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8. You cant lose fat after a certain age.

Hands down this statement is not true. You can make amazing progress at any age. I've personally helped individuals over the age of 65 prep for BODYBUILDING shows, let alone someone just looking to look a little leaner.

It may be a little harder than it was when you were a teenager, but its very much possible with the right routine to lose fat in your later years.

9. Weight loss is linear

Weight loss is not a straight shot. Even when you do everything right the scale will sometimes jump up. A successful weight cut is where the overall trend is down. If plotted on a graph it will look like a zig zag. Just remember that the scale is a tool, not an end all be all.

10. You need to eat low carb to lose fat.

Carbs are not the enemy. In fact carbs are one of the best sources of energy for the body. If you look at the bodybuilders of the 90s, they actually followed a high carb low fat diet and were one of the most conditioned eras of the sport.

Now just like the other 2 macronutrients (fat and protein) , over eating of carbs can lead to excess fat. But with a good macro plan you can utilize the amazing energy it provides while still on the right path for fat-loss.

Hopefully these myths can one day make their way to the depths of the oceans 😂

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