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Is TRX Training the Total Package?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

girl in workout clothes doing rows on a trx suspension trainer

You may have used or seen this iconic yellow piece of equipment in the gym. Are you aware of the various uses or benefits tho? If not read on and see if this may deserve a place in your routine.


TRX Training, also known as Total Resistance Exercise, was developed by Randy Hetrick, a former Navy SEAL. Hetrick was looking for a way to stay fit and maintain his strength while on deployment where he couldn't use more traditional forms of exercise.

Hetrick founded Fitness Anywhere LLC in 2004 to commercialize the TRX system and make it available to the public. The TRX make up is essentially 2 straps tethered to an anchor, weight rack, doorframe etc. Otherwise known as Suspension Training.

TRX training is something that i have personally used a lot with my clientele. I love the versatility of this method with anyone from complete beginners learning basic movements to athletes looking for ways to scale their bodyweight training.


Core strength and stability: TRX exercises heavily emphasize core engagement. The instability of the suspended straps requires your core muscles to work harder to stabilize your body during movements, leading to improved core strength and stability. A great example would be to take a row movement . Doing this movement on a bench with dumbbells does not yield the same core involvement as actually hoisting your body in the air.

Easily Scalable: TRX training is perfect for individuals of all fitness levels, from beginners to elite athletes. The level of difficulty can be easily adjusted by taking simply a few steps forward or back. Perfect for progressive overload and accommodating different fitness levels and goals.

Versatility: TRX has such versatility as resistance bands do offering a wide variety of exercises to hit different muscle groups and movement patterns. You can pull, push, squat, lunge etc.

trx straps hanging in a gym


Limited in hitting some muscle groups: While TRX offers a wide range of exercises, there may be some limitations in terms of exercise variety for specific muscle groups.

For example, TRX exercises may not be as effective in directly targeting certain smaller muscle groups or isolating specific muscles.

May not be ideal for home use: This can be an issue for some individuals where they don't have anything to support a persons bodyweight. Individuals living in studio apartments for example. Thus making the TRX not an option for some.

What exercises can you do on there?

I created a video below of some of the best exercises you can do with the TRX. These exercises can be perfect for beginners to advanced.

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